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City Test Price Starting from
mammography-breast-single Cost in Hyderabad ₹ 512.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Bangalore / Bengaluru ₹ 880.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Delhi ₹ 900.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Gurugram / Gurgaon ₹ 900.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Noida ₹ 900.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Faridabad ₹ 900.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Ghaziabad ₹ 900.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Sonipat ₹ 900.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Raipur ₹ 1103.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Surat ₹ 1103.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Pune ₹ 1103.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Nashik ₹ 1103.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Kolkata ₹ 1400.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Panchkula ₹ 1572.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Mohali ₹ 1572.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Hapur ₹ 1665.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Meerut ₹ 1665.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Navi-mumbai ₹ 1800.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Mumbai ₹ 1800.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Thane ₹ 1800.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Mewat ₹ 2000.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Nuh ₹ 2000.0
mammography-breast-single Cost in Chennai ₹ 3000.0
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What is Mammography?

Mammogram or Mammography is a special kind of X ray done to screen and detect the breast cancer at an early stage. Brest cancer occurs due to the mutation of cells that divided from the parent cells. These cells accumulate in a part of the body and forms into a tumor. The tumor caused due to the mutation cells may turn into a cancer if left untreated. Mammography is an effective technique to find the early signs of breast cancer and thus helped to decrease the deaths caused by it over these years.

Why is Mammogram done?

Normally, the mammography or mammogram is done to detect abnormalities in the breast. Your doctor may ask you to take the mammography X ray scan if you show any symptoms of tumor or cancer in the breast. The symptoms of breast cancer include Change in size or shape of breast, Unusual discharge of breast milk, Swelling or redness in both the breasts, Pain in the breast, Lump in the breast, etc. On the basis of the requirement a mammogram X ray scan can be used for either screening or diagnostics purpose. Women who are above 40 years of age or with increased chance of breast cancer are required to take screening mammography at regular intervals even if they do not show any symptoms. On the contrary the diagnostics mammography is done when the screening scan shows any abnormality in the breast. You may be asked to take Mammography for both breasts if you show symptoms in both of them. For those women above 40 years of age, it is recommended to take mammogram every two years as they are more vulnerable to develop breast cancer.

Preparation required for mammogram?

Mammogram do not require any speical preparations before the test. You can have your normal diet and carry on regular activities prior to the scan. Also avoid using any kind of lotion, cream, powders or deodrant on the breast as it may affect the scan results. Carry the reports of your previous mammography scan with you.

Procedure of Mammography Scan

You may be asked to change into a gown provided by the lab which has a opening for the breasts as you should expose your breast throughout the procedure. You should stand against a speical X ray machine with a stand attached to it. A technician will place your breast on the stand and will be pressed with a plate to flatten your breast and speard breast tissues equally. X ray images will be taken at different angles while your breast is pressed against the stand. The technician will review the images to make sure that they are clear. The report of the scan will be then sent to your docotor who will explain it to you. You may also be asked to take additional tests such as MRI scan mammography for further diagnosis.

Summary of Prices of mammography-breast-single

The cost of Mammography Breast Single in India varies from ₹ 512 to ₹ 3000 in 23 cities of India.

The lowest price of Mammography Breast Single, amongst the metro cities, is at Hyderabad. Mammography Breast Single Costs ₹ 512 in Hyderabad. The market price is much higher at ₹ 3000. You are getting a discount of 82% in Hyderabad.

The most expensive city in India for Mammography Breast Single, amongst the metro cities, seems to be Chennai. Mammography Breast Single Costs ₹ 3000 in Chennai. By booking through us you still save on the market price of ₹ 3000.

The average cost of Mammography Breast Single in India is ₹ 512 if booked through us. The average market price in India is much higher at ₹ 3000.

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