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Wellness/Genetic Predictive Testing

If you have a family history of any particular disease condition such as diabetes,hypertension, heart disease or cancer, this testing is very relevant for you.

Undergoing genetic predictive testing (or genomic screening) before the onset of pronounced symptoms may show your risk of developing a condition. These predictive tests can reveal changes or alterations in your genes. These predictive tests can reveal changes or alterations in your genes. this can help you make neccessary lifestyle changes to delay the onset of disease.



Disease Specific Testing

If you have symptoms of a disease such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer, specialised diagnostic and genetic testing can reveal.
if you have the suspected disorder. The advanced genetic marker tests for certain type of disease such as heart diseases or some cancers may be used to confirm the results of other diagnostic testsand procedures.




3. Woman & Child Testing

For couples with a family history of a genetic disorder-such as thalassemia or sickle cell anemia - or for couples belonging to an ethnic group that has a high risk of a particular genetic disorder, genetic family planning is very useful. The genetic screening fro both partners will involve screening of their carrier status of a particular didease/disorder and provide guidance for future course of action.

For a pregnent woman, tests such as amniocentesis are available that can detect some types of abnormalities in your baby's genes while they arer in womb.

Newborns can be tested for certain gene abnormalities that cause specific conditions. This type of genetic testing is importantbecause if results show there's disorder care and treatment can begin right away.



Skin Testing

Take charge of your skin aging process with tests are available to examine genetic markers associated with aging related to Firmness & elasticity, Sensitivity and pigmentation.



Forensics DNA Testing

Forensics DNA profiling also called DNA testing or DNA typing is used to identify individuals by characteristics of their DNA. DNA profiling is used for parentage testing and criminal investigation. A paternity or maternity test can be used to establish the biological parenthood of an invidual. A DNA kinship test will test the relationship between two or more individuals to assess if they are biologically related.