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What is the technology used in PET Scan

A PET scan or a PET CT Scan is used to check diseases in the body. PET Scan can detect how you're your organs and tissues are working. A small amount of a radioactive substance is injected into a vein. This substance under the PET Scan machine can look at the blood flow, oxygen use and metabolism in your body at the cellular level. The amount of radioactive substance is quite low and hence is not considered harmful.

A CT scan provides detailed pictures of tissues and organs inside the body, while a PET scan reveals any abnormal activity that might be going on there, combining these scans creates a more complete image than either test can offer alone.

How is PET Scan Performed

  • At the beginning of the PET scan procedure, a small amount of radioactive material is injected in the body. The patient does not feel any different.

  • It usually takes upto an hour for the radioactive substance to be absorbed by the body. The patients have to wait till.

  • After around an hour, the patients are taken to be PET Scan machine room and asked to lie on a table there. The table moves up and the patient will move in to the PET scan machine. The machine has a larger opening than an MRI.  A PET scan procedure takes about an hour to complete.
PET Scan in Delhi by LabsAdvisor.com

Why is PET Scan prescribed?

  • Diagnose cancer
  • Make decisions about cancer therapy
  • Determine how well is the body responding to the cancer treatment
  • Brain disorders
  • Disorders of heart
  • Disorders to central nervous system

Are there any risks associated with PET Scans

During a PET scan a patient is exposed to radiation from the X-rays and the radioactive drug. The radiation in the radioactive tracer is very small, and goes away (decays) very quickly. This is generally considered as not harmful to the body. However, pregnant women are generally advised not have a PET Scan as the impact of its radiation on foetus is not known.

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