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Labs for DTPA Renal Scan in Bangalore / Bengaluru

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Address: Sampige Onco Diagnostics -76,HVV Plaza,4th Main,15th Cross,Malleshwaram (West),Bangalore Malleswaram West BENGALURU 560055
Timing: Weekdays- 7:00 am To 7:00 pm | Saturday- 7:00 am To 7:00 pm
DTPA Renal Scan in Bangalore / Bengaluru

What is a DTPA Renal Scan?

DTPA Renal scan is a process for diagnosing and evaluating the kidney functioning. Renal DTPA Scan detects all kinds of functional and structural abnormalities in the kidney without any surgical incision or invasion. It is done with the help of a Gamma camera and detectors which increases the accuracy and precision of diagnosis and analyzes the renal functioning. DTPA renal scanning evaluates relative kidney function, blood flow or any blockage in the renal arteries.

This is a painless and non-invasive procedure that involves the least amount of exposure to radiation, much less than the X-Ray. A nuclear medicine renal scan creates images that are made on the bases of the delivery of fluid into the kidneys via the blood vessels, the concentration of wastes in the kidney and excretion from the kidneys through the ureters and filling of the bladder. This whole process is seen under the Gamma rays (ionizing radiations) scanning machine to determine Kidney related problems faced by the patient.

It can also be called as DTPA with Lasix, MAG3 DTPA Scan, DTPA Renogram, Renal Scan or DTPA Scan.

Who is recommended for a DTPA Renal Scan?

DTPA Renal Scan result helps to evaluate: 1) Decreased blood flow to the kidneys,
2) Presence of cysts or tumors in the kidneys,
3) Renovascular hypertension (high blood pressure due to narrowing of renal arteries),
4) Presence of any abscesses,
5) Presence of any infection or swelling,
6) Presence of blockage in the renal arteries,
7) The treatment after a surgery or treatment,
8) Any abnormality after a kidney transplant
9) It also shows how well urine is passing through the kidneys. It helps to find out whether there is a blockage that affects the flow of urine the kidneys.

What are the preparations required for a DTPA Renal Scan?

For acquiring more information about the test, you must consult your doctor or the radiologist who will be responsible for your test. They would give you certain instructions required for the test, such as:
1) Bring your prescription or any previous scan or test reports along with you to the lab.
2) Your doctor may do a physical examination of your stomach. Prefer wearing comfortable clothes as your doctor may ask you to expose your belly or lower abdomen.
3) They may ask you to drink a plenty of water 2 hours prior your test and stay well hydrated. The radiologist will ask you to urinate before the test.
4) Please inform the doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Probably the doctor will not allow you for this test.
5) The patient will be asked to change into a loose and comfortable hospital gown provided by the lab.
6) You will not be allowed to carry any metal objects such as belt, zippers, hairpins, hearing aids, removable dental work, metallic spectacles or jewelry. Metals can create interference with the scan reports.

7) The patient is allowed to take routine medicines before the test.
8) Prior to the scan, a small dosage of radioactive injection is injected into the patient's vein. The radioactive works as a kidney tracer.
9) Inform the lab technician if you are taking any blood pressure medications. The doctor may ask you to stop the medications 4 to 7 days prior to your test.
10) MAG3 (Mercaptoacetyltriglycine) can be given to young children and the patients with poor kidney function to get better images.

What is the procedure for a DTPA Renal Scan?

On the arrival of the patient at the considerate lab, a lab technician will measure your height and weight. They will provide you some water to drink prior your scan. Your blood pressure will also be measured and if the doctor finds everything convincing you will be sent to the scanning room.
You will be asked to change into the hospital gown and lie on an examination table. A radioactive tracer (radioisotope) will be injected into the patient's vein that will help in highlighting the blood flow in the renal arteries that will be clearly visible under the Gamma rays. The radioisotope emits gamma rays that are detected by a Gamma camera placed under the patient's examination table. The special camera scans the kidney and tracks its functioning. The recorded images are reflected on an attached computer that gives a detailed information about the patient's kidneys. A technologist monitors the computer and makes reports on the basis how radioisotope interacts with the kidneys.

Along with the radioisotope, your radiologist will also inject a dosage of diuretic called Frusemide (Lasix) that reduces the absorption of the water by the kidneys and helps the kidneys to form more urine.

The whole procedure is consists of two sessions. First when the patient is injected with a nuclear tracer and the second when the patient is scanned for 30 to 45 minutes. After the first session, the patient is asked to wait for 2-4 hours as the tracer takes time to absorb into the patient's body. Whereas, in the second scanning session the patient will be asked to clear the bladder before the process begins. Then the patient will be asked to lie on the table and positioned under the gamma camera and remain as still as possible. Movement or disturbance may lead to blur images and less accuracy in the results.

The results are generally available within 24 hours after the test.

What are the risks of DTPA Renal Scan?

Some risks are: 1) The body is exposed to harmful radiations during the scan. However, the dosage used is minimal in amount.
2) Injected contrast dye can cause allergic reactions to the patient.

What are the benefits of DTPA Renal Scan?

The benefits of the scan usually outweigh the risks. Such as: 1) The DTPA Scan gives an early and precise diagnosis.
2) It helps in accurate monitoring and treatment.

What are the tests ordered with DTPA Renal Scan?

There are some other tests that your doctor may order you along with DTPA Renal Scan. They are DMSA Scan, Ultrasound KUB, Ultrasound KUB And PVR, KFT (Kidney Function Test), Urine Culture And Sensitivity and Urine Routine Examination.

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What is the Cost of DTPA Renal Scan in Bangalore / Bengaluru?

The lowest cost of DTPA Renal Scan in Bangalore / Bengaluru is ₹ 4000. We guarantee economical price of DTPA Renal Scan in Bangalore / Bengaluru with full quality assurance. You will also get 3% cash back for DTPA Renal Scan completed through us.
Summary of Lab Options for DTPA Renal Scan in Bangalore / Bengaluru
  • For your DTPA Renal Scan 1 certified labs are available in or near Bangalore / Bengaluru.
  • Minimum cost available through for DTPA Renal Scan is ₹ 4000.
  • You will get a discount of up to 20.0% over the market price of the lab when booking through us.
  • The lab nearest to you for DTPA Renal Scan in Bangalore / Bengaluru is just 4.93 kms away.

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