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City Test Price Starting from
double-marker-test Cost in Jaipur ₹ 1100.0
double-marker-test Cost in Delhi ₹ 1231.0
double-marker-test Cost in Noida ₹ 1231.0
double-marker-test Cost in Ghaziabad ₹ 1231.0
double-marker-test Cost in Sonipat ₹ 1231.0
double-marker-test Cost in Gurugram / Gurgaon ₹ 1320.0
double-marker-test Cost in Ahmedabad ₹ 1488.0
double-marker-test Cost in Faridabad ₹ 1600.0
double-marker-test Cost in Hapur ₹ 1600.0
double-marker-test Cost in Meerut ₹ 1600.0
double-marker-test Cost in Mewat ₹ 1750.0
double-marker-test Cost in Nuh ₹ 1750.0
double-marker-test Cost in Visakhapatnam-vizag ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Secunderabad ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Bangalore / Bengaluru ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Chennai ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Hyderabad ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Kolkata ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Navi-mumbai ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Mumbai ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Thane ₹ 1800.0
double-marker-test Cost in Lucknow ₹ 2340.0
double-marker-test Cost in Rohtak ₹ 2600.0
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What is Double Marker Test?

Double Marker Test is a simple blood test to detect any chromosomal abnormality in the foetus. The baby born with chromosomal abnormality may develop abnormalities such as down's syndrome or other neurological conditions. It also helps to detect Trisomy 18 which is responsible for birth defects and mental disorders. It is normally suggested to those pregnant women who are above 35 years of age as their child is more vulnerable to these abnormalities. It is also recommended to younger women whose previous child was born with birth defects or has a family history of type 1 diabetes. Double Marker Test is usually done between the 8th week and 14th week of pregnancy.

Preparation required for Double Marker Test

Normally, there are no speical preparations required for the double marker test. You can have your normal diet and carry on regular activities prior to the test. It is also important to inform your doctor if you are taking any medications.

Procedure of Double Marker Test

Double Marker Test is a blood test followed by an ultrasound scan. A nurse will put a tight band around your arm. Then a needle will be inserted into the vein to draw the blood sample. You will be asked to press the punctured site with a cotton to stop bleeding after the needle is removed. The blood sample will used to check the presence of two marker called Free Beta HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) and PAPP-A (pregnancy-associated plasma protein A).

How to interpret test result?

The test result will show the level of free Beta HCG and PAPP-A level in your blood. The higher level of Beta HCG indicates that the child has higher risk of having Trisomy 21 or Down's syndrome. The low level of PAPP-A indicates that the child may have down syndrome. But it is better to consult with your doctor regarding the test results to know the problem. Following this you may also be asked to take Triple Marker Test and Quadruple Marker Test at different stages of pregnancy.

Summary of Prices of double-marker-test

The cost of Double Marker Test in India varies from ₹ 1231 to ₹ 1800 in 23 cities of India.

The lowest price of Double Marker Test, amongst the metro cities, is at Delhi. Double Marker Test Costs ₹ 1231 in Delhi. The market price is much higher at ₹ 2600. You are getting a discount of 52% in Delhi.

The most expensive city in India for Double Marker Test, amongst the metro cities, seems to be Bangalore /Bengaluru. Double Marker Test Costs ₹ 1800 in Bangalore /Bengaluru. By booking through us you still save on the market price of ₹ 3400.

The average cost of Double Marker Test in India is ₹ 1231 if booked through us. The average market price in India is much higher at ₹ 2600.

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